Mark McGwire, 1993 Studio Heritage Series

Name: Mark McGwire
Team: Ye Olde A
Position: First of the base
Value of card: 14 shillings
Key 1892 stat: 16 "four basers"
19th-century scouting report on Mark McGwire: "Ay, his feathered locks resemble those of the most renowned passenger pigeon. ... His hat be that of a train conductor. Yet he know not where the curveball goes. ... Huzzah! This man of might can hit the ole horsehide with the force of a dozen stampeding bison. ... His on-field coat and trousers are as white as the heavens' most serendipitous angels. ... The Scurvy Ginger, as this man be known, once hit a four baser from here to New Amsterdam. ... His stare is that of a massive moose; his stench does not disappoint, good sir. ... He hath been known to button his fancy collar up to his chin, thus hiding his many tufts of chest hair. We protest. ... Bound by bound, this basetender can stir your stumps, but, most of all, he be a patriot for this United States."