John Roper, 1991 Pro Line Portraits (Another Pro Line Week No. 5)

Name: John Roper
Team: Chicago Bears
Position: Linebacker
Value of card: 3 inches of rope, thrown in the john
Key 1990 stat: 42,754 hugs
Where's the love? Sometimes, it's tough being a Bear. John Roper was a monstrous man who could strike fear in the soul of many a man. But fear followed Roper, too, in the form of loneliness. The linebacker loathed being alone, but, after practices and games, that was often how he found himself. He tried subduing his sorrows in booze and pills, but he only felt more alone. Then, sage advice from his grandmother set him straight. "Just hug someone," she said. So he did. Roper hugged family members. He hugged strangers and teammates. He hugged anyone he saw, and then started hugging inanimate objects. He hugged trees. He shared long embraces with telephone poles. But it was the tackling sled, oh the tackling shed, that he kept closest to his heart, both literally and figuratively.


  1. He's REALLY dry riding that thing...Bad!!

  2. Yeah he's balls deep in that tackling sled