Heath Shuler, 1994 Pacific Collection (Football Friday No. 96)

Name: Heath Shuler
Team: Washington Redskins
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: One Blockbuster Video rental card
Key 1994 stat: Zero good reviews
A compilation of movie critics' takes on Heath Shuler's rookie season: "Congress isn't the only thing hated in Washington these days. ... There was a lot of hype surrounding Heath Shuler when he came out, but now it's defenders that are surrounding him. ... What was promised to be a stunning show of grace and athleticism has turned into a sorry display filled with disappointment, disinterest and disaster. ... This player, once thought of as an award-season pick, has fumbled those chances away, along with the ball. ... Two thumbs up? More like two middle fingers. ... Do yourself a favor: Buy a Heath bar at the concession stand and avoid the show."

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