Boobie Clark, 1978 Topps (Football Friday No. 94)

Name: Boobie Clark *snicker*
Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Position: Fullback
Value of card: Lifts and separates
Key 1977 stat: Millions of immature fans
Ten names funnier than Boobie Clark, some of which are real:
10) Hoo-Hah Smith
9) Fair Hooker
8) Johnson O'Dingus
7) Lucious Pusey
6) Knockers McGee
5) Chris Smelley
4) I.P. Freely
3) Dick Pole (oh, wait, that's baseball)
2) Heath Cockburn
1) Boobie Q. Clark

1 comment:

  1. "Hey, Boobie, they're towing your car!"
    "Say what!?" (click)