Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt, 1981 Topps Home Run Leaders

Names: Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt
Teams: New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies
Positions: Outfield, outfield, third base
Value of card: In mint condition, 20 cents; this card is far from mint condition
Key 1980 stat: Some number of home runs, apparently
It's time for a three-way edition of The Matchup: 

Round 1: Movie star shades (Winner: Jackson)
Round 2: Movie star squints (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 3: Well-manicured mustache (Winner: Jackson)
Round 4: Mustache made of horse hair (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 5: Perfectly rounded afro (Winner: Jackson)
Round 6: Homeless hair (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 7: Lack of Hall of Fame invites (Winner: Oglivie)

Score: Jackson 3, Schmidt 3, Oglivie 1

Synopsis: Hall of Famers Jackson and Schmidt were neck and neck throughout, but neither could come away with a win after non-Hall of Famer Oglivie torpedoed The Matchup.

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  1. Your blog but I would have said something about Schmidt's teeth.