Reggie Jackson, 1975 Topps

Name: Reggie Jackson
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Three yellow stripes (on underwear)
Key 1975 stat: Did the Hustle 13,749 times
Fun facts about Reggie Jackson (and baseball, in general):
  • Yes, that's correct, the collar of Reggie's undershirt is a different color than its sleeves. And, yes, that's a little weird.
  • That guy in the background, over Reggie's shoulder, is not a stalker. It's Billy Martin.
  • Reggie Jackson's beard hit 36 home runs in 1975. With the ladies.
  • Yeah, so what if Reggie's singing "Stayin' Alive" while taking batting practice? You gonna do something about it?
  • Yes, that signature says "Reggie Jackson," not "Razzie Jailbait."
  • Baseball today would be at least 20 percent cooler if dudes wore aviator shades. That's a fact.


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