Kevin Mitchell, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 25)

Name: Kevin Mitchell
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: Outfielder
Value of card: Knowing that eye black looks kind of like camouflage in black and white
Key 1990 stat: No barehanded catches
What does Kevin Mitchell stand for?

Known to shave with a baseball bat.
Eye black stayed on even at bedtime ...
Very few ladies appreciated it, though.
Instead of another wristband, he just gave up and wrapped gauze around his arm.
Not listening to a thing the Studio photog is saying.

Might be asleep in this photo, in fact.
Immersed in thought about the Thundercats.
Took his uni off before this shoot, then hurriedly put it back on again.
Criminal record shows he assaulted father, baseballs.
He caught the following things with one hand: fly balls, cabs, bullets
Eyes are open in this photo — we think.
Loathes wearing a cup — except to the grocery store.
Lbs. — he's put on a few since this shot.

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