John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, Dave Hollins, 1993 Upper Deck Team Stars

Names: John Kruk, Dave Hollins, Lenny Dykstra (seated), Darren Daulton
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Positions, respectively: First base, catcher, outfield, third base
Value of card: One ingrown nail
Key 1992 stat: 70 wins
Things we know and things we don't know about these guys:
  • We know Kruk liked to get hammered, all right.
  • We don't know why Dykstra appears to be wearing some sort of satin cravat.
  • We know, or at least assume, that Hollins looked like a wolverine with his shirt off.
  • We don't know what's going on with Daulton's bulge. But we can't stop staring.
  • We don't know why Dykstra had to make the nails look like a phallus. That's just weird.
  • We know that Daulton is a little too happy to be in this photo. 
  • We don't know why Daulton is into this Mayan calendar crap, but we wish he'd knock it off, Creep-o.
  • We know that Kruk should never wear a turtleneck again. Ever. Good lord.


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