Joe Montana, 1991 Score Team MVP (Football Friday No. 89)

Name: Joe Montana
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Position: The Greatest Quarterback Ever
Value of card: The original painting sold for 11 cents in 1996. So, less than the original painting
Key 1990 stat: One state renamed for a quarterback
Behind the Numbers: We here at The Bust spent hours painstakingly counting the dots used to make this vomit-inducing awe-inspiring painting of Joe Montana. The total: 46,312.

Other times Joe Montana reached 46,312:
  • Montana residents with Joe Montana tattoos.
  • Struggling painters who tried to use Joe Montana to make a buck (including card above).
  • Connections made with Jerry Rice, and that was only when the two were hitting the club.
  • SEGA checks cashed. 
  • Times scored (including card above).


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