Bryn Smith, 1993 Fleer Ultra

Name: Bryn Smith
Team: Colorado Rockies
Position: Old pitcher
Value of card: Sonny, when I was your age it was worth ... still nothing, sorry
Key 1992 stat: Two broken hips
10 places you've seen Bryn Smith:
10) In front of your son's shop class, teaching
9) Contemporary Senior Male catalog, modeling short-sleeve mock turtlenecks
8) In a beer, face down
7) Your local chain restaurant, eating dinner when you're eating lunch
6) In your childhood, years ago, when he was still old
5) Right field, Over-60 Softball League, Toledo, Ohio
4) Wrinkle factory, outpacing production by himself
3) "Walker, Texas Ranger," as Chuck Norris' stunt double
2) Front porch, muttering to no one in particular
1) On a mediocre blog, still old

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