Bret Saberhagen, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 24)

Name: Bret Saberhagen
Team: Kansas City Royals
Position: Ace (comb)
Value of card: That half of a burrito you threw in the trash three weeks ago
Key 1990 stat: One haircut trademark
Introducing ... The SaberMullet®: It's not every day that someone comes up with a new hairstyle. Of course, there's The Greasy Earmuffs, The Oil Slick and The Sasquatch Helmet. But it doesn't happen often. Today, then, is a special day, as Bret Saberhagen unveils the SaberMullet®, the latest in coiffure style. No one before has mixed the mullet with the barbershop classic The Little Boy's. Add in a healthy dose of jheri curl grease and a receding hairline, and you have a style thousands will copy but no one will replicate. The SaberMullet®, tomorrow's embarrassment today.

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