Yannick Noah, 1991 NetPro (Wimbledon Week No. 5)

Name: Yannick Noah
Country: France (of course)
Value of card: Three hairballs pulled from the shower drain
Key 1990 stat: One ark
10 reasons this card requires stereotypical France bashing:
10) The promotion of ugly 1980s socks with colored rings near top is despicable.
9) Bony, shaved legs have been known to induce vomiting.
8) It makes you say the name "Yannick" out loud.
7) The subject of this card ended up fathering this thing.
6) He's wearing a massive beret. ... Wait, what's that? That's his hair?
5) He stinks of the smelliest cheese in all of Paris —and French women like it.
4) His shorts barely cover his "bona-part."
3) Noah, a Frenchman, "surrendered" many aces. Ba-dum-ching.
2) This a-hole is a pop star.
1) Cavemen can't play tennis.

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