Tom Lasorda, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 17)

Name: Tom "Tommy" Lasorda
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Positions: Manager, wiping sauce off chin
Value of card: 30 checkmarks
Key 1990 stat: 5,004 cannolis eaten
Tommy Lasorda's thoughts on some of the players listed on this checklist: "Kirby Puckett — good guy. Me, him and Kruk once had a hot dog eating contest during the all-star break. Kruk won, but I gave him a run. ... Jesse Barfield — name sounds like what I did after the hot dog contest. ... Hensley Meulens — what is that, a car? ... Jose Canseco — put on a damn shirt already, you pansy. ... Dennis Eckersley — when we beat the A's in the Series, Eck had to make all the fettuccine alfredo I could eat. Long-haired freak had to make a looooot of fettuccine. ... Rick Honeycutt — name sounds like honey-baked ham. He's alright in my book. ... Mark McGwire — as American as apple pie. Mmm, pie. ... Ken Griffey Jr. — he'll never be half the player his dad was. ... Randy Johnson — screw this, I'm hungry. Where'd those cannolis go?"

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