Kevin Johnson, 1992-93 Fleer Pro-Vision (NBA Draft Week No. 3)

Name: Kevin Johnson
Team: Phoenix Suns
Position: Point guard
Value of card: Four, maybe five cacti
Key 1992-93 stat: One teammate who looked like a serial killer
Clearing up some rumors about Kevin Johnson:
  • KJ did not do the robot with his free arm while dribbling. That would be ridiculous.
  • KJ did not have a flaming basketball in place of his left hand. Though, that would be awesome.
  • KJ did, in fact, have a tiny little mustache. It notched 200 assists in 1992-93.
  • KJ did not play basketball on a football field. That would be impossible.
  • KJ did not play basketball outside in Phoenix. It's, like, 130 degrees there, isn't it?
  • KJ did, in fact, become mayor of Sacramento, Calif., largely thanks to the anti-Olajuwon vote.


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  1. I love the pre-Barkley Suns uniforms. K.J. should be in the Hall.