Dee Brown, 1991-92 Upper Deck All-Rookie Team (NBA Draft Week No. 2)

Name: Dee Brown
Team: Boston Celtics
Position: Guard
Value of card: One gold-plated trophy
Key 1990-91 stat: One-letter first name that takes three letters to spell
10 guesses why Dee Brown won that trophy:
10) Shortest shorts, ZIP code 02101
9) Gatorade Pitchman of the Month, February 1991
8) More children fathered than Shawn Kemp
7) Bringing down the hoop and post (with the appropriate tools and the help of two union workers)
6) Perfect 45-degree-angle flattop
5) All-Skinny, First Team
4) It's not a trophy; it's the Hasbro Death Star he wrapped in foil for a third-grade science project (he lost)
3) Two balls in the hoop at once (get it?)
2) Most pumps of Reebok Pumps, recorded history
1) Going blind

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