Anfernee Hardaway, 1993-94 Topps From The Roof (NBA Draft Week No. 7)

Name: Anfernee Hardaway
Team: Orlando Magic
Positions: Shooting guard, small forward
Value of card: Not through the roof
Key 1992-93 stat: One rim-checked dunk miss (see above)
This card is From The Roof; 10 other less successful Topps insert series:
10) From The Toilet
9) From The XXX Movie Theater Floor
8) From The D-League
7) From The Bedroom (With Herpes)
6) From The Same Angle In "Teen Wolf"
5) From The Hole
4) From The Third Deck Seats For Which You Paid Three Days' Salary
3) From The Balls
2) From The Card Company That's Out Of Decent Ideas
1) From The Bust

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