Tony Brown, 1991-92 Upper Deck (NBA Playoffs Week No. 5)

Name: Tony Brown
Team: Utah Jazz
Position: Forward
Value of card: The saliva collected inside a trumpet
Key 1990 stat: 4 inches of shorts
Nothing to see here: When Tony Brown got hot, he got very hot. It didn't happen often, but when it did, coaches were unable to stop him. That is, until the Los Angeles Lakers' Vlade Divac figured out how to render the power forward powerless. Divac called it "Vlade's Magic Fingers"; the rest of the league called it "The Awkward Tickle." If Brown would make a few shots in a row, players would rush to him during timeouts and between possessions and try to tickle him. Upon first touch within a foot of his armpits, Brown would giggle like a stoned third-grader until he was flopping on the floor like an epileptic in a popcorn popper. Undoubtedly, Brown's hot streak would be snapped, and opposing players would have to wash the smell of 'pit sweat off their fingers, except for Divac, who relished it.


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