Juan Berenguer, 1992 Fleer

Name: Juan "The Panamanian Paunch" Berenguer
Team: Atlanta Braves
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: One leftover bean burrito
Key 1991 stat: No extra room in clothes
Caution — wide load: Juan Berenguer was a little too, um, girthy to fill the narrowed vertical frame in Fleer's 1992 set. How could Fleer have better used the space at the top of this photo?
  • Advertisement for Filiberto's Late-Nite Taqueria
  • Bigger lettering
  • A checklist for the entire set
  • Another photo of Juan Berenguer
  • The nutritional information of Berenguer's average lunch that season
  • Detail shot of Berenguer's bulge.
  • A better card design. For Christ's sake.



  1. I was in Panama on vacation one year, and I started chatting with one of my cab drivers about baseball. I was asking him about Panamanian baseball players in the majors (expecting him to talk about Rod Carew) and all he talked about for 25 minutes was Juan Berenguer.

    At the time I'd never heard of him, so I kept saying things like "Are you sure you don't mean Mariano Rivera?", but he was adamant about Juan Berenguer...I don't think he'd even heard of anyone else.

  2. Awesome story. I gotta imagine Berenguer is the Panamanian David Wells. Blue-collar hero.

  3. Is Juan Berenguer only 3 feet tall, or is that just terrible cropping on the part of Fleer.