George Frazier, Tom Herr, Dan O'Brien, 1980 Topps Future Stars

Names: George Frazier, Tom Herr, Dan O'Brien
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Positions: Pitcher, second base, pitcher
Value of card: A bunch of empty seats
Key 1979 stat: One future in baseball, among them
It's a Gateway City Matchup:

Round 1: Rockin' the mock turtleneck (Winner: O'Brien)
Round 2: Hairstyle resembling mustache (Winner: Frazier)
Round 3: Uber nerd glasses (Winner: O'Brien)
Round 4: Enough blond hair to make a shag carpet (Winner: Herr)
Round 5: Actual baseball talent (Winner: Herr)
Round 6: Good enough that people wanted to be seen in his photo (Winner: Herr)
Round 7: Ability to look at the camera (Winner: N/A)

Final score: Herr 3, O'Brien 2, Frazier 1

Synopsis: The term "future star" may be a bit luxurious for any of these three rookies, but just like in baseball, Herr outshines the other two schlubs in The Matchup.


  1. On the day this entry was posted I shared the link to it with ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain (the regional sports network which broadcasts Colorado Rockies Baseball) with whom George Fraizer is now a broadcaster/analyst.

    Lo and behold during tonight's broadcast of the Rockies game against the Cardinals they showed an image of the card on screen COMPLETE WITH THE "BUST" TROPHY.

    I think you should sue them.

  2. Dan O Brian = Bartman