Basketball Centennial, 1991-92 NBA Hoops (NBA Playoffs Week No. 2)

Name: Basketball
Team: All of them
Position: Game
Value of card: A peach pit
Key 1991-92 stat: 100 years old
Fun facts about basketball as it was played 120 years ago:
  • The game was played on expansive lawns, which made dribbling really tough.
  • Regulation uniforms were three-button suits. Ties were worn by the road team.
  • Despite the hoop being just 3 feet off the ground, white guys still couldn't dunk.
  • It not only morphed into modern basketball, it also branched out to become Powerball on "American Gladiators."
  • Nobody liked playing with James Naismith, so he always had to chase down his own rebounds.  
  • People already thought Kobe Bryant was a jerk.


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