Barry Zito, 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

Name: Barry Zito
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Pitcher, four years from being an overpaid pitcher
Value of card: The same value Zito has provided after signing a $126 million contract
Key 2002 stat: Four years from a payday
Time for a heartbreaking pop quiz for San Francisco Giants fans:

How does this card foretell the level of Bust that Barry Zito wore like a toilet seat around his neck after signing with the Giants in 2006 for $126 million over seven years?

(A) Zito's head is literally in the clouds, where it would stay for the next five years.
(B) His jersey is green: the color of money — dirty, stinking, undeserved money.
(C) The ball pictured on the left is about 6 feet off the plate.
(D) His feet are nowhere near a mound.
(E) All of the above.


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