Chris Zorich, 1991 Upper Deck Star Rookie (Football Friday No. 79)

Name: Chris Zorich
Team: Chicago Bears
Position: Nose tackle
Value of card: The prize at the end of a treasure trail
Key 1990 stat: One drunken laundry mishap
Chicago Bears' scouting report on 1991 second-round draft pick Chris Zorich: "Really seems to hate the Upper Deck logo. ... Knows how to stuff the run, and how to stuff his face with liverwurst. ... It isn't just the uniform — he has a closet full of crop tops. ... During his free time, he makes sweaters out of his belly hair for the poor. ... Will tackle anything that moves. No, seriously, don't make any sudden movements around him. ... Keeps telling everyone he's the bass player for Night Ranger, but we've confirmed this is not true. ... At Notre Dame in 1989, had a team-record 47 break-ups. No, not pass break-ups; he was a real ladies' man. ... Said he was excited to meet The Fridge. We're not sure whether he knows that's a person."

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