Tito Landrum, Al Olmsted and Andy Rincon, 1981 Topps Future Stars

Names: Tito Landrum, Al Olmsted, Andy Rincon
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Positions: Outfield, pitcher, pitcher
Value of card: Cat piss in a year-old container of green salsa
Key 1980 stat: Three stooges, two mustaches
It's an early 1980s version of The Matchup:

Round 1: Funk-artist-enviable afro (Winner: Landrum)
Round 2: Merengue-artist-enviable first name (Winner: Landrum)
Round 3: Eye black addiction (Winner: Landrum)
Round 4: "Blue Lagoon"-inspired feathery locks (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)
Round 5: Woodworker lip blankets (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)
Round 6: Faces masked by shadows on a sunny summer day (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)
Round 7: Four neck creases from head tilt (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)
Round 8: Love-making eyes focused on camera (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)
Round 9: Resemblance to Bo and Luke Duke (Tie: Olmsted, Rincon)

Score: Landrum 3, Olmsted zero, Rincon zero, Ties 6

Synopsis: El Tito jumped out to an early three-round lead, and that's all he would need because, unlike his competitors, he chose to be his own man.


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