Reggie Miller, 1991-92 Upper Deck (Basketball Art Week No. 4)

Name: Reggie Miller
Team: Indiana Pacers
Position: Shooting guard
Value of card: Eight points in 11 seconds
Key 1992 stat: Zero passes thrown, despite what's depicted here
The artwork within the artwork: It draws the eye, doesn't it? No, not Reggie Miller's blindingly white smile. The hair! The use of perspective on the 'do in the full-body image is spectacular. It seems to keep rising, arcing like one of the 17 3-pointers Miller shot each game. But it's the close-up that gives us a glimpse into Miller's mind — almost literally. The height of the fade represents Miller's ego, towering above all others. The shaved sides symbolize his ability to limit distractions, such as that "little person" Spike Lee. But the groove on the lower front ... what could that be? Something — or someone — that undercuts both of these traits? Perhaps a more talented, better-looking sister?

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  1. Despite the fact that he got an artist to draw a picture of him, he still looks like an idiot.