Mike Decelle and Marcus McCain, 1996 Topps

Names: Mike Decelle, Marcus McCain
Team: The lowest level of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Positions: Who cares?
Value of card: 2 x nothing = poop
Key 1995 stat: Still looking; none found
It's two bums you never heard of in The Matchup:

Round 1: Big-league experience (Tie: N/A)
Round 2: Fans who remember them in 2011 (Tie: N/A)
Round 3: Rays who remember them (Tie: N/A)
Round 4: Friends who remember them (Tie: N/A)
Round 5: Siblings who remember them (Tie: N/A)
Round 6: Parents who remember them (Tie: N/A)
Round 7: Number of cheesy Devil Rays logos in background (Winner: McCain)

Score: McCain 1, whoever that other guy is 0

Synopsis: Just when it looked like neither one of these guys could win anything, McCain takes home the crown with a big assist from Topps.


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