Micheal Williams, 1991-92 Skybox (Basketball Art Week No. 2)

(Misspelled) Name: Micheal Williams
Team: Indiana Pacers
Position: Point guard
Value of card: Two purple star stickers
Key 1990-91 stat: Zero stats that made him a star
Published art critique, from noted expert Enrico Pallazzo: "In the realm of beauty is art and in the realm of art is beauty. This combination of combinations can be subtle, or, as in the case of the mixed-media piece 'Starry Micheal of Indiana, No. 4' (above), it can slap your conception of explanation across the mouth, leaving you in awe and slack-jawed. Here, we see Micheal Williams, a basketball player so mediocre when compared with his surroundings that even his first name, misspelled, becomes a joke. This isn't the final insult to him and his chosen field of excellence, or, dear viewer, the lack thereof. Touche. Williams, unknown even to the most informed fanatic of the game, is no star. Yet, the crafty crafters behind the computers at Skybox made the choice to highlight his spindly knees and shaky spot in the spotlight by including a dozen or so stars behind him. Please, take a moment to digest such a decision. The risk taken; the result approved. As if that weren't enough to trip up esteemed critic after esteemed critic, let's take, in part, the inclusion of a back-lit basketball. Is it the sun? Is it Williams' sun? Is it Williams' son? Oh, dear viewer, you can't be sure, and, with that, you're hooked, left to always wonder why a man lost in a game would so choose to push, or, as the case here presents itself, pass away his child, his love, displayed with deft execution in the form of a ridged, autumn-hued sphere that defines his being. Rating: 2 of 10 stars. 'Stars,' oh, the unjustifiable irony, laments your grateful critic, Enrico."


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