Luis Leal, Biran Milner and Ken Schrom, 1981 Topps Future Stars

Names: Luis Leal, Brian Milner and Ken Schrom
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Positions: Pitcher, catcher and pitcher, respectively
Value of card: Three dead birds in a box
Key 1980 stats: Zero futures, zero stars
It's time for a north-of-the-border Matchup:

Round 1: That all-American-boy look (Winner: Milner)
Round 2: That all-American-pedophile look (Winner: Leal)
Round 3: Volume of mustache (Winner: Schrom)
Round 4: Creepiness of mustache (Winner: Leal)
Round 5: Air-brushed pearly whites (Winner: Milner)
Round 6: Hair resembling blue jay feathers (Winner: Schrom)
Round 7: Grotesque collar underneath uniform (Winner: Leal)

Score: Leal 3, Milner 2, Schrom 2

Synopsis: Despite Milner's model looks and Schrom's enviable 'stache, the shady-looking guy on the left pulls it off, which is better than him pulling it out.


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  1. George Bell finished 8th in the ROY voting in '81 but didn't warrant a card until '82?

    Had George, or likely Jorge, been on this card he would have cleaned up in this competition.