Brian Blades, 1990 Action Packed (Football Friday No. 74)

Name: Brian Blades
Team: Seattle SeahawksTM
Position: Wide receiver
Value of card: It's worth its weight in garbage
Key 1989 stat: 272 nonsensical trademarks
It's time for a heavy pop quiz:

What's the best thing about the 1990 Action Packed series?

(A) Because the cards are three times as thick as typical cards, you can spend hours watching blind children try to pry them apart.
(B) The 1/16-inch raised player silhouette is so life-like, there's no reason to watch games on TV.
(C) Upon introduction of the set, the confusion over whether NFL team names were trademarked was cleared up.
(D) The faux-platinum border allows collectors to easily convert cards into cheap jewelry.
(E) None of the above.


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