Steve Tasker, 1993 Score Dream Team (Football Friday No. 71)

Name: Steve Tasker
Team: Buffalo Bills
Positions: Special teams, wide receiver
Value of card: A series of boring dreams
Key 1993 stat: A bunch of punts covered
What it means to be Steve Tasker:

Special teams expert
That's like being an expert at growing grass
Everyone knows they're supposed be impressed, but
Very few people give a crap —
Even Mrs. Tasker

Tumbled from the ugly tree
And hit every branch on the way down
Seems to be emerging from a rip in the time-space continuum on the above card
Keeps trying to grow chest hair, but it just isn't working
Even though those neck flaps look like gills, he can't actually breathe under water
Resembles the lady at Walmart who rang up our groceries the other day

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