Ron Villone, 1995 Topps Stadium Club

Name: Ron Villone
Team: Seattle Mariners
Position: Relief pitching prospect
Value of card: Whatever these crazy bar charts mean
Key 1994 stat: Eight minor-league saves
Top 10 categories not listed by the "Topps Skills Rating System" on the back of this fabulous card:
10) Number of big-league appearances (0)
9) Number of Villones on this card (3)
8) Open-mouth rape stare: (8.4)
7) Tradeability (10.0)
6) Hot dog eating (7.1)
5) Number of team's he'd pitch for by 2010 (12)
4) Appearances in the Mitchell Report (1)
3) Chin (2.0)
2) I.Q. (85)
1) Mullet (Immeasurable)

Bonus nugget from Wikipedia: "During a July 23, 2010, game with the Durham Bulls, Villone took the mound in the eighth inning with a one-run lead but gave up a walk to what would become the tying run. He then threw to first base 12 times to hold the runner, without once throwing to home plate, annoying the crowd, who booed Villone mercilessly. When Villone finally threw to home plate, the batter bunted the ball back to Villone, who appeared to be caught off guard and failed to make the play. The local press called him visibly 'rattled' at that point. Villone walked the next batter and hit the following batter with a two-strike pitch to force in the tying run. He was immediately pulled from the game. Less than a month later, on Aug. 12, 2010, he was once again released after posting an ERA of 6.59 during his time in Triple A."

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