Roger Cedeno and Ron Coomer, 1995 Topps On Deck

Names: Roger Cedeno, Ron Coomer
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Positions: Outfield and first base, respectively
Value of card: Two Coomers (not sure how much that is, but it's definitely not much)
Key 1994 stats: Hold on, we're still looking
What's On Deck? The Matchup:

Round 1: Confusion over seeing a camera for the first time (Winner: Cedeno)
Round 2: Ironing-board hat bill (Winner: Cedeno)
Round 3: Last name that could be a synonym for genitalia (Winner: Coomer)
Round 4: Resemblance to competitive eater (Winner: Coomer)
Round 5: Knife-sharp Adam's apple (Winner: Cedeno)
Round 6: Future nickname (Winner: Coomer aka Coom Dawg)
Round 7: Taped-on eyebrows (Winner: Cedeno)

Score: Cedeno 4, Coomer 3

Synopsis: The future Dodgers outfielder outplayed the one-and-only "Coom Dawg" despite being confused about where he was and what he was supposed to be doing.


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