Rich King, 1991-92 Upper Deck NBA Draft (White Ballers Week No. 1)

Name: Rich King
Team: Seattle SuperSonics
Position: Center
Value of card: To purchase, you needn't be rich, you needn't be a king
Key 1990-91 stat: Approximately 13 feet tall
Welcome to White Ballers Week: White NBA players often get mocked, and why would The Bust take the high road and do anything different? In honor of the all-star game, for seven long, long days, we'll bring you some of the most awkward white guys to wear an NBA uniform — or a barf-inducing suit — in the early 1990s. Enjoy.
Fit for a King: What a name. What a guy. Rich King is the epitome of the early 1990s white baller. He was a star at the University of Nebraska but ended his career with more serious injuries than points per game. If he weren't 7 feet 2, you'd expect him to be a competitive "Donkey Kong" player or a huge fan of prime numbers. He owned a suit your father wouldn't be buried in; it's probably for sale at Goodwill right now for $14.99. This guy's name is "Rich King" for the love of god. It doesn't get more elitist than that. Rich King: what a white baller.


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