Neal Heaton, 1984 Donruss

Name: Neal "Heat-On" Heaton
Team: Cleveland Indians
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: The last ounce in a Budweiser can at last call
Key 1983 stat: 24 beers, 24 hours, 24 times in April
Heaton continues to "get his heat on": Before Neal Heaton had a handlebar whiskey stain and a job collecting the Budweiser cans he discarded in Pittsburgh, he was by day pitching for the Indians and by night drinking his weight in the cheapest swill in Cleveland. He enjoyed the lifestyle, but, as can be seen above, it left him a bit disheveled in the morning. He didn't care. He relished the attention baseball brought him and the euphoria brought on by the booze. He even took to wearing a new gold necklace every day indicating how many drinks he had ingested the previous night. The losses piled up alongside the empty bottles and regrets, but Heaton continued on, saying, "Hey, I'm drunk in name only." Then he met a woman, Claire Soberup, who inspired him to leave the booze at the bar and embrace life's easy comforts. Heaton followed his love's lead and indeed found a way to "sober up" and right his life. That is, until they married and she took his last name.


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