Dave Corzine, 1991-92 Upper Deck (White Ballers Week No. 6)

Name: Dave Corzine
Team: Seattle Supersonics
Position: Center
Value of card: A used mustache grooming kit
Key 1990-91 stat: One forgettable finish
Choose your own adventure: You are Dave Corzine, The Great White Hope. But at age 34, you know your time in the league is near an end. You can barely get up the court anymore without your short-shorts bunching up so far that "The Space Needle" nearly falls out. Your days of growing a scraggly beard and carousing with Bill Cartwright and friends have passed; you've since grown a respectable mustache and started using Just For Men. However, life after basketball is a daunting notion. How will you spend your retirement?

To put that mustache to its god-given use and become, ahem, an adult entertainer, click here.
To give up, put on 50 pounds and start collecting stamps, click here.
To open a multimillion-dollar business babysitting Shawn Kemp's 271 children, click here.

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