Barry Bonds, 1991 Score The Franchise

Name: Barry Bonds
Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Position: Outfield
Value of card: One used syringe
Key 1990 stat: Normal-size testes
We've got questions, you've got answers:

What crime was Barry Bonds accused of before this mug shot was taken?

A) Facial hair fraud — that thing is drawn on, and poorly at that
B) Reckless smirking
C) Grand theft crappy personalized necklace
D) It's (cream and) clear, isn't it?
E) All of the above


  1. Twenty years of the worst, self-referential jewelry in the Major Leagues. This guy always had lots of polish, but no style.

  2. Many specialist co-ops and construction organizations are required to have a 'Grants and License Bond' while working in the ward of some civil partnerships as well as bureaucratic or state governments. RAFFUEL SURETY GROUP