Rickey Jackson, 1994 Topps Stadium Club Members Only (Football Friday No. 67)

Name: Rickey Jackson
Team: Team Gatorade
Position: Linebacker
Value of card: 4 ounces of warm Gatorade
Key 1994 stat: Huh-huh, Football Friday No. 69
Script from Gatorade TV commercial, circa 1994: "What's up, mother(expletives)! This is Rickey Jackson. (Zoom to close-up of Jackson's anger-filled face, spit flying out of his mouth.) Who am I? Don't ask (expletive) questions! All you need to know is one thing: Drink (expletive) Gatorade. That's right. Drink (expletive) Gatorade. It tastes good. It's wet. It's full of mother(expletive) electrolytes! It's (expletive) delicious. That's right, delicious. Look at my awesome mother(expletive) hat. I'd bathe my mother in this mother(expletive) beverage. I'd drink it all (expletive) day if I could. You saying I won't? Watch me, mother(expletives)! (Cut to shot of Jackson pouring Gatorade all over his face, then cut to another close-up of his anger-filled face.) Gatorade, it's better than me kicking your mother(expletive) (expletive)!"


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