Phil Nevin, 1992 Topps Team USA

Name: Phil Nevin
Team: Team USA
Positions: Shortstop, third base, patriot
Value of card: 12 cents (U.S.)
Key 1991 stat: One country defended — with a baseball bat
President George H.W. Bush's scouting report of Phil Nevin, circa 1991: "Read my lips: no new Nevins. ... Saddam's got nothing on this new breed of American soldier. ... Much better neck feathers than Quayle. ... Will instill fear in the hearts of our enemies with his 116-pound frame. ... He'll be a big part of the Department of Defense, as soon as he graduates from seventh grade. ... We'll need to get him a new hat for his clandestine work. ... This guy's got ears like Perot, but I like him anyway."


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