Mike Schmidt, 1986 Fleer Baseball's Best

Name: Mike Schmidt
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Position: Third base
Value of card: The "best" price for collectors: Nothing
Key 1985 stat: Apparently, a slightly-above-average .266 batting average
Best of the rest: Slugger. Gold Glove third baseman. Perennial All-Star. Hall of Famer. Mike Schmidt was a legend on the field, but it was still a bit puzzling when Fleer selected him to be part of the Baseball's Best subset in 1986. Schmidt was getting up there in years, and wasn't hitting as many home runs as he once did. His batting average? As the card says, .266. Nothing "best" about that. Best stirrups? Maybe, but other players looked good in them, too. Mustache? Probably not. So what was it? Take another look at the card. Yup, it's obvious now, isn't it? Mike Schmidt: Baseball's Best Butt for a 37-year-old in a Baby-Blue Body Suit. Good call, Fleer.


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