Malik Sealy, 1992-93 Upper Deck NBA Draft (Basketball Week No. 3)

Name: Malik Sealy
Team: Indiana Pacers
Position: Forward
Value of card: One 5x7, one 4x6 and six wallet-sized portraits for $6.99
Key 1991-92 stat: 67 colors in one tie
Indiana Pacers' scouting report on draft pick Malik Sealy: "Twenty-three-inch neck makes him harder to shoot over. ... Last name is 'Sealy,' but, because of ears, more resembles a sea lion. ... If he doesn't work out on the floor, we can make a few bucks lending him to Boyz II Men as a stand-in. ... Will need to check his eyesight to make sure his draft-day tie didn't blind him. ... If he has one iota of substance, we don't have to worry about the 'style over substance' label. ... With a name like 'Malik,' he'll have no problem fitting in around Indiana."


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