Dustin Hermanson, 1995 Upper Deck Star Rookie

Name: Dustin H_____son
Team: San Diego Padres
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: One "Electric Diamond" (Worthless x 1.5 = Worthless.5)
Key 1994 stat: Size 9 1/2 head
San Diego Padres' scouting report on "Sta_ R___ie" Dustin Hermanson: "Massive head, which blocks everything in its path, including hyperbolic baseball card labels. ... If Hermanson fails, monobrow may have a future in organization. ... Need to keep an eye on his candy addiction. ... Collar could one day mature into a mock turtleneck; with luck, a full turtleneck. ... Looks good plastered against a sea of blue, despite sophomoric facial hair."


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