Don Mattingly, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 2)

Name: Don Mattingly
Team: New York Yankees
Position: First base
Value of card: 50-cent tip to bartender
Key 1990 stat: Four days since looking in a mirror
Don spent a week there one night: 1991 Studio was a great set because the photographers often captured the person behind the player. Usually, this was a good thing for all involved parties. In Don Mattingly's case, this nearly landed him in rehab. Mattingly had arrived at Studio's studios after a four-day bender during which the only food he ate was tequila worms and the only shower he took was when he fell face first into a clogged urinal. He had subsisted on whiskey and what little charm he had left after subsisting on whiskey, and showed up at the studio a beaten and beleaguered man. The photographer did his best to clean him up, changing Mattingly out of his sombrero and poncho, trimming his puke-stained mustache and pulling the family of river rats out of his pants. Knowing it wouldn't be long before the Yankees first baseman was spread eagle on a bathroom floor, the photographer snapped one shot, seen above, a moment before Mattingly threw up all over the camera.


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