Bob Rodgers, 1991 Topps

Name: Bob Rodgers
Team: Montreal Expos
Positions: Manager, clubhouse janitor
Value of card: I remember, when I was a kid, you could get this card for a nickel ...
Key 1990 stat: 4-inch eyebrows
10 ways Expos manager Bob Rodgers showed his age in 1991:
10) He called his mesh jersey "the most space-age material" he'd ever seen.
9) He benched a player and called him a "panty-waist" for using a mitt in the field.
8) He pitched around the Cardinals' Stan Musial even though "The Man" retired in 1963.
7) He drove a horse-drawn carriage to Olympic Stadium.
6) He'd leave afternoon games at 4 p.m. to catch the early-bird special Montreal's Le Denny's.
5) He often told stories about a pretty good player he managed, Abner Doubleday.
4) It took him months to realize Montreal was in Canada.
3) He pencilled in a dead guy as the cleanup hitter in a game against the Reds.
2) In 1991, he got thrown out of a game for arguing a call from 1981.
1) He walked into a room.



  1. When asked if he had a cell phone, he replied, "What the Hell I want to talk to germs for?"

  2. in fairness most of the players probably didn't have cell phones in '91.

    Also, thats a '91 Topps, so Bob probably looked a lot older than that in '92.

  3. Crap. Good catch. Thanks, we'll fix it.