Black & Decker, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 1)

Names: Bud Black and Steve Decker
Team: San Francisco Giants
Positions: Pitcher and catcher, respectively
Value of card: 1 cent for each player, minus 2 cents
Key 1990 stat: One instance of being beaten to the joke
And introducing ... Studio Saturday: The brainiacs behind The Bust are starting a new feature today, Studio Saturday. We've already brought you some of the best from the 1991 set, including a romantic Julio Franco, a giggling Eddie Murray, a ball-juggling Dave Winfield, a mustachioed Dennis Eckersley, a contemplative Tony La Russia and a mulleted Tom Glavine. But 1991 Studio is just too damn good of a set for a few random postings, so you'll be getting a weekly dose of ridiculousness from the early 1990s. Enjoy.
You win this round, 1991 Studio: Black & Decker. We get it. In fact, before we looked closely at the card, we were going to beat the last-name pun until it became a dead horse. (Wait, did we screw up that idiom?) We planned to come up with a bunch of bad puns for these two smiling Giants, perhaps making note of Decker's bulge or Black's mullet. We probably wouldn't have been able to ignore references to famous duos such as Siegfried & Roy and Hall & Oates, who are giants in their own right. But nooooo, Studio had to go out and do our job for us, ending the 1991 set — minus the checklists and nameplate card — with a beleaguered pun. Well, Studio, at least you got one thing right: Black & Decker look like a couple of tools.



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