Trevor Kidd, 1992-93 Upper Deck (Alternative Sports Week No. 6)

Name: Trevor Kidd
Teams: Team Canada, Calgary Flames
Position: Goalie
Value of card: Socialized medicine
Key 1992 stat: 814 pounds of padding
How Canadian was Trevor Kidd? Trevor Kidd was so Canadian that he bled maple syrup. He was so Canadian, he out-Mountied the Mounties. Kidd was so Canadian, he began, interrupted and ended every sentence with an "Eh." He was so Canadian, he called French-Canadians "Extra Canadians" because he didn't want to mention another nationality. He was so Canadian, he refused to eat "regular" bacon because it wasn't frigging Canadian enough. Trevor Kidd was so damn Canadian, he built a house made of ice, shaped like the Stanley Cup, and skated from room to room with his dog sled team while eating nothing but poutine. O Canada!

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