Jorge Fabregas, 1992 Bowman

Name: Jorge Fabregas
Team: Some California Angels minor league affiliate or other
Position: Catcher
Value of card: One stained shirt
Key 1991 stat: 25 stripes
Jorge Fabregas, from A to Z:

A: Appears to have some sort of odd neck rash
B: Backup backstop
C: Collar should definitely be popped to complete this look
D: Despite being a catcher, he never really caught on, if you know what we mean
E: Eight teams in eight pro seasons. That's what we mean
F: "Fabregas" is Spanish for mediocre
G: Got this polo shirt for 25 percent off at Ross!
H: Horizontal stripes not nearly as slimming as pinstripes
I: In case you were wondering, Jorge Fabregas is an anagram of Garage Job Serf
J: "Jorge" is Spanish for "Batting ninth"
K: Knocked in all of 211 runs in his career
L: Lock up your daughters; this guy's a looker
M: Made playoffs with Atlanta in 1999 — and managed to go 0-for-3
N: Never could hit a curveball. Or a fastball. Or a Wiffle Ball
O: Overcame case of bed sores
P: Pink and purple look good on this guy
Q: Quilted Charmin not softer than Jorge's cheeks
R: Ray Romano sure looks young in this photo
S: Should probably button up a couple more of those buttons
T: Thousands of dollars in orthodontic work helped create that grin
U: Uniforms are for suckers
V: Voted "Cutest Dimples" during rookie year
W: Winning smile. Talent was not so winning
X: Xylophone — one of the hobbies he took up during his endless hours in the dugout
Y: Yearbook photo on a baseball card?
Z: Zack Morris would be proud of this attire


  1. The man played 9 years in the MLB, how's that a bust

  2. Hopefully he learned how to shave during that time.