John Davis, 1991 U.S. Olympic Cards (Alternative Sports Week No. 4)

Name: John Davis
Team: Team America (1948 and 1952)
Position: Weightlifter
Value of card: 400 lbs.
Key 1952 stat: 400 wedgies
Clearing up some rumors about Olympic weightlifting champion John Davis:
  • John Davis may have been able to lift nearly a quarter-ton, but he couldn't carry a tune.
  • John Davis wore only the finest tube socks and Chuck Taylors
  • John Davis actually had no idea the guy behind him the stands was imitating him.
  • John Davis was not related to Jim Davis, creator of that delightful "Garfield" comic strip.
  • John Davis picked up a lot of heavy things on stage, but never lifted a finger around the house.
  • John Davis actually hated weightlifting. He just really liked the little outfits he got to wear.


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