Dr. Dre, Ed Lover, 1991 ProSet MusiCards (Alternative Sports Week No. 7)

Names: Dr. Dre, Ed Lover
Team: Team Yo! MTV Raps
Positions: Players
Value of card: One torn strand of tinsel
Key 1990 stat: One badass turntable
Clearing up some rumors about these two rap maestros:
  • They didn't play a sport, but they did play The Game.
  • While they may have hated The Game, they never hated the player.
  • Ed Lover is, in fact, wearing a Lakers Santa cap. This is unrelated, however, to the "special delivery" Kobe Bryant made in a Colorado hotel room in 2003.
  • Dr. Dre is, in fact, wearing a shirt that says "SKIDZ" on it. It remains unclear, however, whether there were SKIDZ in his shorts.
  • The animal prints on the top and bottom borders of this card are not from actual animals. Unless Zubaz is an animal.
  • Ed Lover is actually holding a basketball. It was Ice Cube, however, who last week messed around and got a triple-double.
  • MTV did, in fact, used to play music videos.


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