Ron Gardenhire, Terry Leach, Tim Leary, 1983 Topps

Names: Ron Gardenhire, Terry Leach, Tim Leary
Team: New York Mets
Positions: Shortstop, pitcher, pitcher
Value of card: One broken stink bomb
Key 1982 stat: Zero team haircuts
A Matchup of "future stars":

Round 1: Presentability (Winner: Nobody)
Round 2: Dumbest look on face (Winner: Leary, barely)
Round 3: Worst attempt at a mustache (Winner: Gardenhire)
Round 4: Handlebars (Winner: Leach)
Round 5: Resemblance to a caveman (Winner: Leary)
Round 6: Worst haircut (Winner: Tie, all three)
Round 7: Future in baseball (Winner: Gardenhire, as a manager)
Round 8: Future as an actor (Winner: Timothy Leary)
Round 9: Monobrow (Winner: Leary)
Round 10: Biggest joke on the card (Winner: The idea of the 1983 Mets having "stars")

Score: Leary 4, Gardenhire 2, Leach 1 (Ties: 2)

Synopsis: These dudes are ugly.

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