Detroit Tigers, 1981 Topps Team Checklist

Team: Detroit Tigers
Manager: Sparky Anderson
Positions: All of them
Value of card: 40 men / 40 bad hairstyles = 1 cent
Key 1980 stat: 22 hands on crotches during team photo shoot
10 things Topps photographer yelled at the Tigers before this photo was taken:
10) "All right, let's put the carnies up front!"
9) "Did we get everyone from the crowd with a mullet or a mustache into this photo?"
8) "It says here that everyone with a felony should be wearing a white jersey. Perfect!"
7) "Smile or we'll make you live within Detroit city limits!"
6) "Time to shoot! You guys are from Detroit, so you're used to that, right?"
5) "Look! There are as many people in the stands as during Tigers games in September."
4) "Jesus, there's enough hair here to cover a cancer ward!"
3) "Hey, who let these suits in here?"
2) "Sparky! Wake up, Sparky!"
1) "OK, scumbags, smile and grab your junk!"


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