Wonderful Monds, 1997 Fleer Ultra

Name: Wonderful Terrific Monds III (seriously)
Team: The Wonderful Atlanta Braves
Position: The terrific outfield
Value of card: 1 copy of "It's a Wonderful Life," on Beta
Key 1996 stat: Two adjectives in one name
10 names Wonderful Monds' parents should have chosen for him:
10) Mediocre Monds
9) Terrific Wonderful Monds
8) Wristbands Monds
7) The Third Monds III
6) Stevie Wonderful Monds
5) Wonder What Happened to Him Monds
4) Not-so Wonderful Monds
3) Adjective Adjective Monds
2) Awesome Marvelous Remarkable Fantastic Stupendous Outstanding Monds
1) Al Monds


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